Saturday, February 25, 2012

Douchebag or theocrat?

Via twitter: 

Will Michigan R's go for Satan-hating Santorum or My-wife-has-two-Caddy's Mitt? The R race has descended into frivolous irrelevance. 

-- Robert Reich (@RBReich)

I suspect they'll ultimately go with the privileged rich douchebag over the vagina-domineering theocrat.

Frivolous? Irrelevant? Yes and yes.

Unfortunately, however, right-wing douchebaggery and theocracy go over extremely well with millions and millions (and millions) of Americans, and specifically with one of the two major parties of America's two-party political system.

President Obama certainly has the upper hand, but the very fact that one of these two loathsome men, or indeed any Republican, could win the presidency -- and it might not take all that much, just some bad economic news with blame unfairly heaped on the president -- should give us pause.

It's still possible for extremism, both personal and political, to prevail.

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