Monday, February 27, 2012


Movie Review : Something Good - By Deelite Zenovka

I always knew Deelite was one of the coolest girls around, but blowing her bubble gum, instead of the very obvious alternative!? Now That's cool!

Eye candy for all : Deelite and Vors.

As always Deelite presents us with a vibrant, and exciting scene right away here. We're treated to even more stunning graphics and visuals, just as we've come to expect.

I love the colours and the whole scene is fun, bright and cheerful. Porn does not always have to play out in a dark back alley or against a sleazy back drop, it has as much right to be bright, sunny, and show a couple making love, lighting up your day. Making you smile as you're turned on!

The filming makes wonderful use of shadows and depth of field to present really dynamic shots. You'll be glad such features made you look into the scenes, because once it has your full attention, you can really start to appreciate two stunning avatars. Enjoy the sight of them making love on some great anims, and see the full potential for fun, and erotic action in Second Life! The title says it all, Something Good!

Keep up the great work Deelite, and Vor's. This is a real ray of sexy, hot, hot, sunshine!

Watch the movie after the JUMP!!!

Serenity Juneberry. xx

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