Monday, February 20, 2012

Party at Pornstar Hangout

Partying at Pornstar Hangout
Well party time arrived again this weekend for us pornstars and this time the party was at Pornstar Hangout, this is the second party they have held there and it was a really good turn out. Earlier in the day, London, who is the owner of this lovely club asked for some people to volunteer to work their as waitresses during the party. And she had a couple of girls come forward to help her out as you will see later on in this post.

This party was a lingerie theme party, and their was a good range of different lingerie out on show.. like a Ann Summers party, but without the sex toys, lol. We had a great DJ at the party, Hoob was playing the tunes, a great mix of his own and requests sent in from other people. Well I have a good range of photo's for you to look at as a reminder of the great time we had, and to show those of you that couldn't make who was there and what happened.

Here is the photo of the girls working as staff at the party that I told you about earlier, dont they look so cute. I got to the party early and took this before everyone arrived. Wanted to get them together before the started work and moved around the club. I played about with the WL setting to get the club kind of feel to it, that's why it looks so dark outside. As per normal, I'll be showing you photo's of the well known names of our business to those that are looking to make a name for themselves. I may not have made you a feature of one of these photo's, but I'm sure you will see yourself in a few of them in the background.

Here we have AnetteDawn, not in lingerie but still looking very sexy in her summer dress.. oh summer time.. hurry up damn you.. lol.. anyway, back to Anette, She has a lovely body, blonde hair, sexy long legs and a good set of boobs.. yes I know.. I'm a perv ; p
Anette is one of the new names in our business, and I'm sure we will get to see a lot more after this, and I think I got a great photo of her here from when she come to the wild party.. yes it was wild and the clothes started to fly off some people at you will see soon.

Here is Kaci and OMG dont she look so cute, holding a tray of drinks in her bunny outfit, could just take her home and I'm sure she has a few pinch bruises on her ass from all the nuaghty people there, which was everyone. And I'm sure when you look at this photo, it will give all you directors an idea for a movie or photo shoot with her dressed like that. But as cute as she looks, she's also a very naughty girl, I think she had a little part in the result of our DJ "losing" his clothes.

Sid Style
I finally got some photo's of Sid, she's been at just about all of the party's but I've never got round to getting some photo's of her. She's looking as sexy as ever..*runs my fingers over her abs* and showing off her great body, letting the guys see that her six pack is better than their's. I was hoping she would get naked like a few of the other's so I could get a photo of her in all her glory, but the tease kept them on. I'll just have to wait and hope she does when the next party happens..*crosses fingers*

Sid is also a great at taking photo's and has started releasing some music vidoe's, which if you have seen, you will agre with me that they are very goog, great lighting as well as great detail.

\o/.. look at that fine ass..*spanks it*
I may not have got a photo of her in all her glory, but I did get this photo of her teasing everyone by sticking out her ass and starting to shake it to the music. She is a true beauty and I see her going far in the business. And maybe one day I'll be able to get her to pose for me in a photo shoot.

Now here is a girl I'm sure everyone has heard of, one of the superstars of the business Cassandra, look just so yummy in her black lingerie, which didn't stay on for long as you will soon see you yourself in the other photo's I got of her. I will admit that I've not seen any of the movies she has been in, but after seeing her, I'll be sure to now. She is just so god damn sexy, and has a body most people wish they had, big boucy breasts, a firm round ass and some sexy long legs that she could wrap round your body.

Well I'm sure your probably thinking.."Ok.. where are the naked photo's of her".. wel here they are, well the topless on first, then the naked one after. Time for you to find out if she is a natural blonde or not, or if is will still be a mystery because she shaves/waxes it all off.

\o/..boobies.. *pinch.. pinch*
I managed to catch her in this stunning pose as she was dancing topless at the party..*pulls down her panties*.. well now time for the moment you all have been looking forward to.. the naked photo of her.. *giggles*

Well she may not be a natural blonde, but with a body like that, why get dressed, just be naked all the time. Here's an erection test photo for all you guys.. lol ; p


It's time to guess who's ass this is, no prizes, just her for a bit of fun. put the name of who you think it is in the comment box. If you're still wondering who's ass that was in last weeks post, the answer is it was Arwen's.

Well here is this weeks, good luck.

♥Keeley Snowfall♥

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