Sunday, February 12, 2012


Group shot of us all at the party
This weeks party was at Pornstars, a club owned by Miss Emily and Lil, I was not able to be at the party from the start, due to other sl commitments. But when I did get there, I could see that it was a great party to be at, lots of naked bodies and half naked bodies. So it made picking the my best dressed a lot harder.. but when there is a lot of naked people about, I didn't care one bit. I got some great shots of Arwen, Serenity, TT and some other hot sexy girls.. and a really naughty one of one of the girls there.

Here is a photo I got of the very sexy and naughty Mercedes, there was not a hole that didn't have something in it on her, as you can see for yourself. I was going to click on them to see what happened, but as you will see later on in this report, I had my hands full with someone else.
But back to Mercedes, this girl is not shy one bit and is probably up for doing just about anything. It's the first time I've seen her at a party, and I liked what I saw.

TT, looks like she forgot to take her bikini off while sunbathing.. naughty girl.. ; p
TT is a great girl, and as most of you who go to parties know, she always the first to be naked, a pure exhibitionist at heart. She always has on the sexiest and glamours outfits, but with a body like that, why get dressed at all. She's been in some great movies and photo shoots, and I'm sure there will be lots more featuring this sexy girl.

More Party Coverage after the JUMP!!!

oh and yes.. I took a photo of her ass to.. now join the line behind me to spank it.. lol

Arwen and Serenity
Serenity is at most of the parties, but it's been a while since Arwen has been there too. and damn dont they look hot.. *bits bottom lip* here they are dress so sexy as ever, Arwen showing a little of her sexy body through that mesh dress. And for Serenity's dress.. well.. Geri.. we have a girl right here that looks way better in the Union Jack dress. It's so lovely seeing these two together that I had to get some photo's of them.

*giggles*.. I see nipples.. *pinch pinch*

A closer look of Serenity in the dress
Well as I said earlier in this report.. I had my hands full with someone and here she is.. Alisha.. she was wearing a red burlesque outfit, and her stunning red hair too. Yes I know.. we are not showing a lot of out bodies off, but trust me, you will get to see a whole lot more of the two of us doing naughty things in a up coming movie.

Alisha and Keeley
only on dance animations do I look taller then someone else.. lol.. this is a party outfit I got from a store that I liked after seeing it on market place. I tend to dress sexy and glamours for the parties.. but decided not to this time.

Mayrah.. *pulls her panties down*
Here is Mayrah, another girl that you will always see at the parties, and wearing a little less than I have seen her in before at the parties. And I still can't believe that we have yet to see this stunning girl in a movie or photo shoot.. well you will see her in a photo shoot soon, as I'll be doing one of her, so keep you eye's open for that. This girl has a great body, big boobs, sexy round ass and.. well her panties didn't come off.. so we will have to wait as see if she is a natural blonde or not.


Time to see if you were paying attention at the party or to the photo's on this post.. no prize.. just for fun.. Who's fine sexy ass is this?

♥Keeley Snowfall♥

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